About us


30 years of experience in the textile industry combined with the experience which has been past down since the first generation, led Annarita, Enrico and their staff to offer their professionalism.

This brought to the creation of Cocoba Fashion House S.r.l.in 2009 which is a textile craft company that works and transforms a great variety of the finest fabrics, ranging from lycra costumes, silk and voile of thin clothes , linen and jersey to heavier fabrics like plush, boiled wool thick cloths and yarn, all of them used to get cut and plunged knitwear.

Cocoba is a clothing industry, controlling the entire production line, from the initial production stages to the final customer. It coordinates the entire production chain which is made up of qualified craftsmen deployed nearby.  In this way we're able to provide a meticulous control of the product's quality.